Tuesday, May 30, 2017

First International Travel...Yaay!!

3rd May 2017 saw my travelling on my first international trip, although unplanned by me.
Left home at around 845 pm, reached CSIA by around 11.
A long wait of 3 hrs saw us draining our energies until around 3 am the check in starts, boarding pass, security and emigration saw me at the Mumbai duty free area by 5, we dozed in the boarding area for some time and finally started the lined up at 550.
Gulf Air 575 Mumbai to Bahrain took off on time from CSIA leaving behind the sleepy slums & my less fortunate colleagues just awaking to another hectic day at work. Minutes later and miles above the Arabian sea i entered the international airspace for the first time in my life.

Surprise!! I have been bumped to falcon flyer ... businesses class, awesome welcome drink, then a hot towel and a Date, Arabian coffee. Pleasant service and wonderful staff served me a sumptuous breakfast with proper cutlery and Crockery. By 745 my stomach was done and I settled to an in-flight movie.
After a one hour stopover in Bahrain we departed for Amman in Jordan. Again Gulf Air, however this time experiencing the economy class service

Reached QAIA by 1 local time and then post our emigration work we proceeded to a restaurant for lunch. Wonderful and much awaited food, light on the stomach. We then went to mount Nebo. Where Moses was shown the promise land before he was buried by God.
After this we checked into hotel olive and retired for the day. Good spacious rooms . Day max temperature not higher than 25. Night dips to 15.
Next day morning after an early breakfast we moved toward the Jordan River valley. Got to the Israeli border near the king Hussain bridge managed by the JDF. Borders opened at 9. We entered emigration office by 10. Post scans of baggage the busses dropped us in to Israeli border and returned to Jordan. The beautiful Isareli border and customs divisions gave us visa and we took another bus. We went first to the village of Cana, where the first miracle of turning water to wine took place.