Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happiest Day

17th October 2014 0630 is probably the happiest day or rather hours of my life. I have never felt so much inexplicable happy ever before. I cannot reason why and feel so greatly thankful and indebted to Yahweh God. I can never forget this experience and hope it's for ever and never ebbs.

Mumbaikar's Local

Mumbai local Trains are a part of almost every Mumbaikar.
Almost everyone who needs to commute to and from work requires to take the train as a part of the travel itinerary. It's faster that any other means of transport though it involves a lot of hassle. People travel as short as 3 km everyday and the longest as long far as Virar to Vashi. The Train travel easily could take up to 2 hours of the journey. Some even commute from Pune to Mumbai CST and some from Valsad to Dadar. 
The time spent everyday is such an extensive part of ones daily routine that it becomes a part of your life. The friendship made during this time are probably the only friends one has. Some spend this long durations by catching on some sleep, playing a hand of cards, reading a book or newspaper. These relations are so strong that they actually call themselves a group and name it on the train time and destination. Some of them sing Bhajans or simply chit chat.  Many a times small individual achievements are celebrated by having a light breakfast. During festivals like Diwali or Dusherah,  people have a party complete with decorations and snacks. On new years day such daily travelers chip in and garland the train or break a coconut as a mark of blessing.