Monday, October 17, 2011

Israel prisoner swap deal

I am utterly surprised and flabbergasted...
I bought today's newspaper and to my surprise the leading Indian daily does not even mention the Israel- Palestinian Prisoner swap. What the bloody hell is happening. The whole of the Middle East is on tenterhooks and The US, Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi armies are on high military preparedness amid warnings of terrorist attacks to disrupt the prisoner exchange. The world is watching the swap and keeping their fingers crossed to see how it goes meanwhile  the Indian print media is sleeping!?

Israeli Sgt Gilad Shalit who was seized in 2006 by Hamas militants who tunnelled into Israel will be swapped with over 1000 prisoners amidst mixed reactions in Israel. When the full list of the prisoners to be freed was published many were shocked and filled with anger at the price Israel was paying for a lone Solider disregarding the value of the lives of those killed by the convicted prisoners.