Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Incoming Tide

Another year has whizzed by,
Leaving me out of step….
Still some loose ends to tie
Still a few things unsettled.

Wish I could go back in time
Redo the past, prim and perfect.
Tides brought me a harsh message
Leaving me no chance to reply.

Carried on with life have I
Things still under the carpet.
Wish I’d be a genie and
Bungled my cares away

I send my thoughts on a picnic
Touring the days of the past

They wish they’d never come back
And bring me memories  bereft

Hoping against hope
For my savior I await
Worsened without company

That could drown my fears

Eagerly I wait for the coming tide
Never know what surprise it may bring.
Probably turn me forever
Leastways a change in the shoreline.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Team Get-together

Members of the ATT team got together for dinner at Rajdhani at the Oberoi mall. The Idea was brought foward and organised by Krunal. Everybody except Harish, Yasmin, Sagorika, Paresh(who needed a proper dose of my medicine), Pankaj, Harsh(may he get well soon) and Nandita came (some with their partners).People ...we did miss you a ton!! Commendable job by Sujan for coming and towing along Prakash. Paresh wins the summit award (again) for reaching the summit on time. Sincere thanks to all for braving trains, traffic and taking the efforts to make this outing a memorable one.Click here to view pictures

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blooming Relationship

Mon cher ami Prakash got engaged on 25th of October to Anjali
('¨`v´'¨)     Congratulations to you both    ('¨`v´'¨)
 '•.¸.•'heres wishing you a life full of Hapiness and  Love'•.¸.•'