Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friends from olden times

Today i traveled back in time to my school days, ahh those fun filled wonderful days, how can one ever forger them. I had gone to the beach looking for sand and while returning though of dropping in at malisa's. On the way i happened to meet Christbell, Kuku as she is commonly known was a year senior in school.
We went to the same tution class and she always handed her text books down to  me. After she passed out of school i took tutions from her for matriculation exzams. Our families knew each other and we were good friends. I can't forget the tutions time spent at her house. They were so much fun and eventful.
Christabell was on her veranda with her little one. I helloed her and asked how shes doing. She's hasn't changed much after getting married to her long time boyfriend. While i was inquiring about her well being, beautiful memories of those old days flashed back. I was stumped when She said that i need to get married now.
I told her that she wont be disappointed and that i would let her know when the day arrives.

Do i Look matured ?
After a couple of  minutes i took her leave and called on Malisa. As usual i had a candid tete-a-tete and discussed a long list of preparations for the big day. Malisa was also going through difficult times and felt relieved talking to me.I was in a disheveled look and she complimented saying that i looked matured now!
My uncut long hair and prominent stubble probably did the trick but i liked how my day was progressing. An hour Later i went to buy bread from a nearby bakery hen i bumped into another school friend Priya. Priya and me were classmates and took tutions from christabell together. We spoke at length reliving our olden days.
The fun time we had, jokes we made and the rukus we created.....ooooo how incredible those days were.Nobody can forget Ashwin and malaika and the fights we had and then laughing our heads off and then the punishments we got and laughing still!We could go on and on and the stories would never end. I returned home but those thoughts still continued running through my head.