Thursday, March 31, 2011

ICC world Cup 2011

This is the one in a lifetime event which will be always remembered. For the first time in Indian cricketing history the team have come so near to a world cup win. 28 years after Kapil dev and team first won the title at Lords this team seems to have all they need to repeat the feat. You will never have Yuvraj in the same form as before, nor will you have Sachin again in any other world scale championship. In the first stage they never looked like they could do it. But the way the beat The arrogant  Aussies and the Arch rivals Pakistan in the Semis it looks like India is on the verge of clinching the elusive cup. Never before has the country been gripped in such a frenzy uniting the high and low and the rich and mighty. Saturdays match with Srilanka will be a high voltage match and the decider. Chakde India!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Operation "WrapUp"

Contingency plans are in full swing to complete a long pending task. The Plan was drafted on the 20th of  December and its execution started from 12th February. So far things have  gone as planned. Tomorrow the plans shift to the first gear, making a dash for the final stage beginning 5th April which will end 8 days later. April is a hectic month with many things scheduled one after another. This has been pending for years now and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be. Though a lot of Will and finance has been put to work. It has taken a toll on confidence and conscience.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Поздравляем Смита

I am sure you are trying to find what the title means, try the Google language tool which phonetically reads "Pozdravlyaem Smita". So my first friend that i made at EDS (on the induction day -12th November 2007) has finally taken a step forward in life to get married to her long time boyfriend. She was the one who's been asking me about my wedding bells for the past 3 years, all the while explaining that shes still got to enjoy life before taking the leap. She surprised me one day (night actually!!) by calling me and saying "i am getting married on the 7th of next month". I simply ho-hummed as i did always to her persistent dilemma's. So miss Manjrekar became Mrs Abhijeet Mistry and thus she  is now his charm and goodluck to ward of evil and break the curse. Like all fairytales end this couple also continue to live happily ever after! Check this for more pictures

Congratulations and wish you all the bliss in your married life!