Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why is Friday before Easter called "Good"?

Going back in time in around AD 30-33 a man named Jesus aged 33 was crucified at Golgotha (john 19:17) on the outskirts of Jerusalem . Today that day of crucification is known all over the world as good Friday.

But why call such a day of excruciating pain and day of death “good”? The answer lies in the crucification of Christ Jesus.

I am sure most of you have watched Mel Gibson’s passion of the Christ and i need not get into the suffering of Christ. We all know that A crown of thorns was placed on his head and he was hanged to the cross with nail driven through his palms and legs. Later on a spear was pierced by his side.

Thus Jesus shed all his blood ,he was made the lamb of sacrifice for all humanity. By this sacrifice mans sins were purged and was reconciled to Yahweh(God). By his resurrection from death It is written that cursed is the man who is hanged on the tree, by being hanged Jesus took away all our curses and freed us .By taking the 39 lashes on his body he has freed us from sickness. By his resurrection he has defeated his last enemy –Death, And by him we are victorious.

It is written that whosoever shall believe that Jesus died and was resurrected will have eternal life. So by work done on the cross we have received eternal life and Victory through Christ, why not then should that day be called good.