Monday, March 9, 2009


On Sunday as I was returning home on my Activa at 18:16 hours I had an accident (There’s always a first time for everything). I was keeping left and thinking about something when I went off road in to the barbwire along the road. As I crashed into the fence my bike fell on the right side. The side of the vehicle was scratched on the right but my Left leg was torn by the iron fence. My skin was scratched at more than 20 places and just above the ankle a 1&1/2 inch deep and 5 inch long wound was dripping with blood. My first thought after I looked at my leg was I can’t go home alone I need help, meanwhile a passing biker had turned to help me and a few other people had gathered. I called home to inform and asked a piece of cloth to tie my thigh to minimize blood loss. One of the onlooker recognized me and lifted me up and picked my bike. He later with the help of others made me sit on the bike and took me to the hospital. While being attended at the hospital I frantically called my colleague Prakash to inform and told him to work in my place for the next two days. The nurses washed my wound and took an X-ray which confirmed that there was no fracture(thanks God)! There was a minor operation and my wound was stitched, I was later sent home.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friendship Wishes

To my Dear Renita,
I prefer not to wait for an appropriate moment,
to tell you how much i value our friendship.
Though we have differrent lifestyles,
we share common thoughts.
We have a world of our own,
but we still are best friends.
I just want to say .............
Thanks for being my friend.
I sincerely wish the best of life for you.
Remember that theres a friend for you
whenever and wherever
And i'd be simply delighted
to be your Friend Forever!
Your friend Richlyn

Many Happy returns of the day

I just celebrated my birthday on 15th of February. It was a pretty low key affair. I called Malisa, Renita and Devendar to tea as they were the only ones who called to wish me. Devendar came while Malisa gave a flying visit but Renita turned up on the 27th...better late that never. I thank you all for remembering my birthday and also for the thoughtful gifts.

House Renovated

These past two months have been a nightmare as I have watched my house being renovated. What with the wooden floor replaced by tiles and wooden railings and furniture made, life has been quite hectic. Add to that the painting job and the nightmare is complete. I am generally an amiable chap, but the shifting of furniture and no proper place to sleep has made me quite grouchy. On top of that, my computer had to be stored away. I can't find half my things and the whole place smells of turpentine fumes and furniture polish. The carpenters and painters working together added to the chaos by dirtying whatever little space that was left. Now I am at a point where the mere mention of additional work will make me run away from home. Nevertheless in the end my house now looks beautiful!!

More pictures of my house