Monday, September 13, 2010

Biking Trip

On Saturday   me, Christopher and Prakash met at Office at 0030hrs and went on a Biking trip to Satputara. Chris had planned the entire trip and packed almost everything needed for it. I was riding pillion on prakash’s bike. We rode from Office to Charoti check naka nonstop and took a break after which we continued till we reached a dhaba at 0330 hrs  Dahanu  called Athithi where we had an omelet and a particular egg dish for  dinner.  We continued onward through the night meanwhile I was shivering with cold and was sleepy till we reached   a dhabha and had   tea at 0600 hrs. of course prakash needed a break as his nicotine level was down and so did Chris. After tea we continues till Chikhli and broke off the highway to satputara for another 103 Kms This road was full of potholes and at some places we were riding in gravel however once we entered Dang  the entire 40 Km route had an awesome view full of lush greenery, straight teak trees lined the road and rivers flowed by. Such a pity the Vansda national park was closed.  We reached the satputara ghat at around 11 on Saturday an long 10 hour journey since we started. We booked a room and went out for lunch at a nearby place. After having ravished the food we went in to have a shower and then went out for sightseeing. First place was the museum which displayed only a snake and then we climbed up the peak  which was a flat mountain top. After a long photo session and see all that was there we searched for the Honey bee center ,but the discovery of the day was surd sitting  quietly  in a small shop who enlightened us about Shivaji's fort 4 kms away in Maharashtra and gave us alternative route home. Prakash was in no mood to go to Hatgad so we returned to the room . 2 hours later everything turned dark and it was raining when Prakash suddenly said that we will go to the fort now (he was in his best mood). So we crossed the border and climbed half the ascent on our bikes (Prakash was in his best) and then later to sip n dine at the base of the fort just to celebrate out victory. We returned home avoiding the check post on the border and went to have dinner and then simply crashed. A 8 hour sleep later we woke up at 0500 and set off by 0600.We took a pic at the border and then started back along a different route to Bombay. So we travelled from satputara to Ahwa and then turned to Waghai. The road was too good to go slow but the scenery slowed us down till Ahwa and then Chris on his 500 CC zoomed ahead only to meet again at Talasari inside Maharashtra. So me and Prakash were making an average of 80-85 from Waghai to Valsad via Dharampur where me took the highway to Bombay passing through Vapi. We stopped at Parsi Dhabha to have Lunch and proceeded to Bombay. We reached home at around 1700hrs.

Track our journey Mumbai-satputara and the return Journey .
This was my first Biking trip. After planning for a long time to go somewhere, we had decided to go to Malshej Ghat until Prakash met Chris and everything changed. Its was good to have Chris along as he knew the route and gave us pointers. He had his entire gear and tools packed in a cramster and enough water to last for a day. No risking food and water while travelling. Apart from getting  a numb bottom i enjoyed it  and was a fantastic trip!