Monday, September 19, 2011

Mahabaleshwar Bike Ride

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This day a decade ago

My first memory of the 11th September attacks on New York's twin towers goes back to 12th Sept 2001. I was traveling to Ratnagiri for the NCC Nau Sainik camp. We had taken the 2350 Konkan Kanya\Madgoan express on the 11th and had reached Ratnagiri next morning at around 0500 hours. I remember peeping in to a neighbors newspaper and then snatching it to see the front page with two full size pictures of the twin towers in flames.I read through the entire section hurriedly and glanced at the pictures, a scary feeling overcame me as the scale of the entire event dawned. Next day onwards i was shut out to the outside world while in the camp but the stories of the days events were a hot topic for over several months. very recently the successful Ops in getting Bin Laden has revived those horrifying pictures again. The scale of the disaster was the worst in world history and it changed the world for ever.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Teacher

Right from school through college i have come across so many teachers, its hard to say whose the best. Earlier teaching was a job of nobility and a teacher was the most revered person, respected and honoured by all. Now a days its become just another job and the most sought owing to the hours of duty, the holidays and the remuneration given.

This is specifically for my Teacher Abhaya Chitre i met while i was in T.Y.Bsc.; she was not of my college but helped me as her own. I was studing mathematics in Bhavans-Andheri and she was teaching at Ruia -Matunga. I was collecting notes for paper IV and was introduced by Mrs D Rao of my college. Abhaya maam turned out to be the most sweet, kind and not to forget beautiful teacher i have come across in college.

Your best student i was not
still you taught me the best.
Though a hopeless case was mine,
   you gave me hope.
Courage you gave me in despair.
Trouble you took for a troublesome me.
I will forever remember you for the thankless guidance.
Wish you all the very best in Life
Happy Teacher's Day!