Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fishing Trip

Yesterday i joined a few of my fisher friends on a fishing trip in to the deep sea off the Gorai shore.It was a wonderful experience. We shove off in a small boat at around 0715 hrs and then went aboard the fishing boat and were underway in a few took us almost 50 minutes covering 5.5 nautical miles to reach the buoy marked for fishing for the vessel. lack of sleep and the rolling and pitching of the boat made me sea sick. We anchored and then tied the nets by 930 hrs. For the first time i swam in the deep sea (trust me its a different ball game over there even without the current). I skipped breakfast as i was sick but the exhaustive swimming and a good nap later on made me feel better.We waited for about 3 hours (by this time the tide had started to rise) then by 1300 hrs started to pick up the nets. The catch was good with one small lobster and small promfets and prawns. We started off at around 1430 and reached shore by 1530. The best part of the memorable trip was the lunch cooked of the fresh catch...simply delicious!!! More Pictures.