Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slam Book ---10 years later!

Friendship day is round the corner and i was going through my college slam book. Oh what a feeling that is, reliving those days is truly indescribable. The constant chatter of friends, those silly ideas, the laughs we shared and the jokes we made. the secrets we spread and the gossip we made. Trust me i cannot describe what i went through reading my slam book all over again--10 years later! All i can say is that i wanna be a child again and go to school and college and relive that carefree, simple and fun-filled life. At the end i was in tears and was thinking how has life changed these past years and so have the answers to those questions.

Here i go again....

1. Favorite Quote?
     never never never never give up....Winston Churchill
2. Last movie you saw in the theater?
3. what book are you reading?
    none at the present

4. Favorite board game?
    Chess  i haven't played it in years now
5. Favorite smells?
     an old book's pages and coffee
6. Favorite music?
     hmmmmm anything slow

7. Favorite fast food place?
     am a foodie i go wherever my stomach takes me :)
8. Favorite drink?
     Coffee i drinks gallons 
9. Finish this statement. "If i had the time i'd...?
     I'd give my certs and ummm theres a long list u wanna know? 
10. Favorite sport to watch?
     there are better things to watch
11. Whats under your bed?
     i don't have one
12. Would you like to be reborn as yourself?
13. Day person or Night Owl?
      both depending on the mood
14. Favorite place to relax?
     my room
15. Favorite ice-cream flavor?
16. One thing in your past that you would like to redo/undo/change?
      Infact i would like to redo and change many things
17. Moment of life most memorable?
     uuummm cant think of one :(

Sunday, July 18, 2010

félicitations chère sœur

18th July will always remain etched in Gold letters of Rachel and Glen who got betrothed. The Congregation at Church Of Christ Papdy vasai prayed for their future as they were declared engaged. later at the residence of Glen D'silva the couple exchanged rings as an token of the vow given to each other.
Congratulations  Glen and Rachel !