Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy friendship day!!!

Hi and wish you a very Happy Friendship Day!!!
Though  today is friendship day, there are moments in life when the feeling of being cared for by a friend is at it utmost peak.These are my most cherished moments but alas they last for only a few moments. Below are a few nostalgiac sms that i have recieved from my friends.

This one is the best from prakash. he rarely express himself, so this one from him is a diamond. Thanks Prakash for being my friend!

We met in EDS while doing night shifts together and went on to become my best pal i ever met at work so far. This day was when an incident brought out the rare wild side of prakash. Thinking of it later we always have a hearty laugh about it.

This one comes from another best friend from a long time and she has been by sob shoulder and the pace to turn for advise.        Malisa.......i truly appreciate you being there for me.

We strike a chord with many things, i can comfortably discuss anything under the sun with her and i am as she calls me her "internet uncle" :)

Wayne is another of my close friend with whom we have spent the best of times. Though our differrent professions dont let
our paths cross often, still our masti during college are unforgetable.

This is a rare one from Nitin, whose answer to "Three wishes" in my college Slam book is "To be with my frendz, To be with my frendz,  To be with my frendz,"