Friday, June 26, 2009

My Favourite Boots

Probably the only thing I have been in love with and have got loyalty in return for a very long time are my Favourite Boots.
Way back in the year 2000 when I was in the Naval NCC and had been to a camp in Ratnagiri I had exchanged my boots with another’s (as his were too tight for him). That’s how I come to be the owner of these boots and no doubt I have used them roughly and perhaps overused as well. These DMS boots have very soft upper leather and great rubber soles that still haven’t cracked. Three years ago the boots tore at then seams and at the joints of the sole and leather. Since I did not have any other boots I got them mended and continued using them. They still are the one I would prefer for long journeys as they are comfy. I am so used to them that I don’t feel I am wearing any shoes, they are a part of me and I feel light, specially while traveling by train in the rush, they give a perfect grip on all surfaces and protect my legs.
I find it hard to part with my shoes and I know that its harder to find a good replacement for them but anyways I have realized that everything has its time and nows the time to retire my best boots! So the hunt has begun and I hope to get a pair soon, however whatever replaces them I will never forget these old, loyal and comfortable Boots!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hell Is Forever

Recently i visited aunt Sybil who has shifted to interface heights behind Dmart in malad. Shes been my guide and wellwisher (more about her later) whose family has been my family friends since 1990.So aunt sybil told me of seven columbian youth who had a vision where they were taken by our Lord Jesus Christ and shown Hell (i googled it and found that they were infact taken to heaven and hell). I read through the entire testimony and that really got me thinking which led to further soul searching and clearing of ideas.
I'll quote here a few sentences from the testimony.
"....Worms were coming in and out of their empty eye sockets, mouths, and ears; and were penetrating the skin all through their bodies....."
"...there were demons tormenting him, constantly piercing him with their spears. .......... They were about 3 feet tall and had very sharp teeth. Blood came out of their mouths and their eyes were completely red...."
what hit me hard is - Hebrews 10:26-27 :"For if we go on sinning willfully after acquiring the knowledge of the truth, there is no longer left any sacrifice for sins, but some dreadful anticipation of judgment and of a fierce fire that is to devour those who oppose God."
The Bible tells us, "The wages of sin is death" "the soul that sins will die." (Romans 6:23) (Ezekiel 18:20).Make no mistake, God will not be mocked. What a person sows, he will reap."
Today you have the great opportunity to change your eternal destiny. Jesus is still available now, and the Bible says that while we have life we also have hope. Today you have life, don't miss this opportunity, it can be the last one!
Read the entire testimony here

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saved Again!!

Again i have been saved from certain Death in a accident.
Thank you lord Jesus Christ!

I have been traveling in company vehicle for years now and have never been personally involved in any kind of accident while going or returning from work.But there's always a first time for everything and this was so.Its still fresh in my mind ...took place just hours ago while coming to work and luckily haven't even got a scratch.

I woke up rather late (at 0450 hrs instead of 0400) and hurriedly got ready as the cab was already waiting for me.The Driver had come quiet early and gone off to sleep in the car with the car AC on. I somehow woke him and we left for office at 0510 hrs. He was driving half asleep and wasn't able to negotiate turns however i though that the sleep would wear off as time passed by.On the way there was a sharp "L" turn that is dangerous and he was unable to judge the bend. i was in the front passenger seat with my window glass rolled down, everything happened so quickly that there was no time to react and i was a mere spectator to the incident as if i wasn't there. The car brushed a tree on the left and missed actually going off road it then severed right and instead of taking the left turn went straight in to a tree off the road. Thankfully he severed left again narrowly missing a huge mango tree and the car came to a halt just beside the road on the wrong side.This had made a loud noise and lights went on in the nearby house, the driver was fully awake by now. I had gotten off the car and walked a few feet away completely dazed.
(to be honest i found my hands shivering a bit) I asked the driver to get out and check the car. It seemed to be fine and then he was able to get it back on the road. 2 people woken up by the rukus had come to investigate. Sensing that there would be undue attention i asked the driver to continue after i thanking the onlookers for their concern.